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Passive income opportunity with 0 kr investment.

Tell us about someone who wants to sell their home and get a 10% return of our fee, if they choose one of our services.

We protect your privacy.

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We protect your privacy.

Do you have a large social network or just happen to know someone looking to sell their private residence? Help them find the right stylist and get a share of our home styling commission when you tip-off someone to us that intends to sell and they approve our quote.

When there are a lot of listings on the market or the real estate market is not at its peak, every little detail is vital for the home to stand out from the competition, especially now that styling of homes on the market is the norm. Nowaday buyers have very high expectations of how a home is presented. It is more important than ever before that sellers get help from a home styling expert to ensure that the home is as appealing as possible in the ad images, during marketing and at the showing in order to achieve the best price possible.

A certified home stylist uses an interior decorating technique, home styling or home staging. These are designed to achieve as high a selling price as possible during a property sale.

The theoretical training to become a Certified Home Stylist places great emphasis on understanding the psychology behind home staging and how it can be done in order to get as high a selling price as possible. Buying a home is an emotional purchase. It is important to hire a certified home stylist as they not only know the interior design techniques but also understand the customer psychology behind home staging. The speculators have visions and dreams of what their next home should be and look like. A part of showing the home’s full potential and possibilities with its floor plan is being able to familiarize yourself with the target groups, their current situation and wishes. This is key in gaining insights into what requirements, dreams and visions the speculators have and how to develop a concept that appeals to the target groups desires and wishes.

Home styling and staging should appeal to all the senses, interior design improvements and decor can highlight feelings that are so deeply imprinted in the viewer’s memories that potential buyers realize they have found their dream home. Therefore, we create a neutral, tasteful and inviting interior. The home is neutralized so that the speculator can visualize how they would personalize the home (how they would put their own touch to the home). We make the home look a bit exclusive so that it stands out from the competition. This leads to speculators experiencing the home as fresh, new and well-kept. Then we adapt each room to the specific wishes and visions of the target group. Christiana Swalk has been around for many years and we have styled many homes that have led to high prices for both customers and brokers. You can contact us at Christian Swalk regardless of which broker you choose for your home sale, even if the broker has its own stylist, it can be good as a seller to consider which home stylist suits you best and get quotes from more than one home stylist.

We show the home’s full potential by using props that are adapted to the rooms. Furniture with the right proportions, that are placed so that the floor plan is used in the best way. We give you a pack away list of what must be removed from the accommodation. We organize what is left and we add furniture of the right size to create space so that the surfaces feel more spacious.

We highlight the home’s strengths and remove the focus from the weaknesses. Home staging is one of the most effective marketing tools because it is the only tool that appeals to all the senses, and affects the speculator’s psycho-emotional state. This impact starts from the moment the speculator sees the images of the styled home, and the emotional aspect is reinforced during the viewing where all the senses can be appealed to at the same time.

Homesickness is a strong motivator. If you can fulfill the person’s wishes and needs to own your home, it is financially beneficial for you while the whole process runs smoothly for all parties involved. As home styling becomes more and more common, the expectations of speculators also heightens, the home they are interested in should be presented in the best way and has the criterias that home staging makes clear.

Our goal is for the condominium to attract as large a target group as possible, to make it easy to sell, at the best price. Do you want to invest less than 0.5% on home staging to possibly get 5-15% more? The home staging cost pays for itself. We will help you, your friends and acquaintances, fill in the form or contact us today.

If you would also like help with packing and storage, we offer a full service option with the tax deductible “rutavdrag” . Home staging and home styling are deductible on the declaration form, just like the broker’s fee. If we get a customer through you and this results in a signed contract, you will get a cut of our home styling fee. There is no easier way to generate passive income. It will be a win-win for you, and your friends who can then sell their home quickly and at a good price!

Thanks! We will contact you in the event of a binding agreement with the seller.